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Placement & Parking

Placement Information:
  • Request placement for Theme Camps (all Sound Camps, and camps with flaming art require placement)
  • Have your Theme Camp listed in the HELP Guide (even if you don't need placement)
  • Art work placement and listing in Help Guide
  • Request to park RV with theme camp

On-Site Theme Camp RV & Trailer Parking:

All RVs and trailers must buy the appropriate pass in ticketing. RVs with theme camps must register with placement.

Theme Camp / Art Placement Application:

2024 Theme Camp & Art Placement Registration OPEN.

All placement requests must be recieved Friday June 14, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.


General Parking:

All cars being driven to POrtalBurn need to have a parking pass

Please purchase a parking pass on our ticketing page. Cars without pass will be towed!

General Parking is very limited! Please Carpool if possible.

Please park cars close together and listen to Parking Volunteers, give them a CONSENTUAL BEAR HUG for all that they do. A drop/pickup location for your belongings will be marked by DPW. Please do your best to unpack and get your vehicle to the parking lot ASAP! We all want to say our hellos so please consider those in the line behind you. Portal Burn has several wagons to share however it is highly recommended to bring your own. Vehicles left in the drop-off zone for too long will be subject to ridicule, shame, and boobytraps.

Early Entry:

Request early entry to setup your camp. This is only granted to a few key members of your camp.


2024 Map Will Be Posted When Complete

2023 POrtalBurn Placement Map:

Placement Map Subject To Change

POrtalBurn Map Print Version