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PB images POrtalBurn is 100% volunteer-run and doesn't happen without you!

If you've made it here, chances are you're AWESOME! Below are the different areas in which you can volunteer. Our community considers volunteering a gift and an opportunity for civic participation, not to mention that it's fun and will make your burn even better.

Check out the descriptions below and determine what role suits you best. Do you want to be the first face people see? Try ticketing, greeter, or parking! Do you like to help people with all of their needs? Be a Ranger. Do you love fire? Join Perimeter or Conclave! There are positions for all kinds of people.

THANK YOU!!!! POrtalBurn LOVES you!!

Lead applications for POrtalBurn 2024 Now Closed!

On-site volunteer shifts will are now open

Read the drop downs menus below for more information on onsite volunteer shifts

"Those Who Would Sacrifice Inclusion for Expression, Or Expression for Inclusion, Get Neither" Caveat Magister, Burningman Journal, March 5, 2019

Art Department Lead:
We love our art!!! The Art Leads oversee the process for art grant requests, update grant application forms for this year, and recruit and lead an art grant committee to review and vote on art grant recipients as well as effigy and temple builder applications. They communicate with artists from application to event. They work with the Theme Camp/Placement Lead to determine art placement and the Fire Team to plan placement and safe handling of burning art. The Art Leads start in February and work leading up to the burn. Once the burn begins, their work is mostly done!

Conclave Performers:
Fire Performers it's your time to shine and show us those amazing talents.

Conclave signup will be available onsite at the TIT. (The Information Tent)

Conclave Lead:
The Conclave Lead organizes and oversees our POrtalBurn Conclave, including sign-up, safety procedures, any necessary preparation, and running the show to ensure we have a safe and exciting celebration on Burn night!

Consent Lead
The Consent Lead works with the Code of Conduct Committee (CoCC) to build a consent culture at POrtalBurn. Past activities include (though future activities may not be limited to) working with greeters to play consent games or other creative ways of offering information to incoming attendees, posting consent signage around the event, offering consent presentations during POrtalBurn events, and posting and publicizing instructions for reporting a consent violation. The Consent Lead is the face of the CoCC at the event, fielding complaints or concerns to the CoCC.

DPW Volunteers:
DPW makes it all go! Help us prepare the space for an unforgettable burn, and then put it all away at the end. DPW helpers get awesome prizes like early entry, the ability to set up your camp in prime locations, extra hang time with the stellar POrtal team, and PIZZA!

We need DPW volunteers for setup and exodus!

If you are selected for early entry, please ensure DPW is setup before setting up your personal camp! Please use this form for to sign-up for DPW setup and exodus.

Volunteer early entry can be requested in the On-site Volunteer form

The DPW Leads spearhead pre-event work weekends, event set up, DPW needs during the event, and post-event tear-down. DPW Leads thus need to be in attendance at least a day before opening and potentially a day after the event ends. During set-up, DPW Leads coordinate with early entry DPW volunteers and the Placement Lead to set up event infrastructure, e.g. erecting easy ups for the Med and Information tent, partitioning off space for parking and theme camps, and ensuring roads are safe, lights are hung, and necessary signs are posted. The DPW Leads also work with the Exodus Lead and volunteers to break down the site on Monday and oversee the return of infrastructure to the POrtalBurn storage trailer. The ability to lead teams and get stuff done is ideal!

Entrance Coordinator:
You have heard of the Gate Lead, the Greeter Lead, and of course the ParKING Lead, but who is the glue that ties them all together? That would be the Entrance Coordinator. Work with gate, ticketing, greeters, parking, and placement to keep the departments talking to each other and create a smooth entrance experience for POrtalBurners.

(Entrance Lead Guidelines Under Development)

What enters must one day exit. The Exodus Lead coordinates the exits of POrtalBurners on the last day of the event. They work with Parking, DPW, and Placement Leads to ensure cars are parked in a way that will allow for the best possible exit, see that signs and information are posted about when and how attendees should leave the event, and oversee exodus volunteers, ensuring they know how to properly guide attendees out. They must also be aware of the weather and be prepared with an exit plan if roads are wet.

(Exodus Lead Guidelines under development)

Fire Volunteers:
Burners gonna burn, and we need your help to make the blaze happen safely. Sign up for Perimeter/Fire to assist with the burn set up, or to clear up post burn, or to honor the space and stand perimeter during the burns themselves. Fire safety and perimeter are sacred tasks and make the burn what it is!

Fire Lead:
Burners gotta burn, and the Fire Lead is responsible for making it happen safely. This lead establishes and oversees safety protocols for all things that burn, from barrels to art. They lead the team that monitors all burn activities including perimeter volunteers. They help plan, prepare for, and execute safe burn nights, and help ensure that all fires are in burn barrels or enclosed and elevated fire pits. No burning on the ground (other than what is planned for the two main burn pads) and no outside firewood is permitted. Previous fire management experience is important.

Fire Lead Guidelines

Super Flexible and ready for anything? Then being a floater is perfect for you!

Check in at the TIT, and see where we need help for the day. You will be sent to whatever team needs you the most!

Gate Volunteer:
You are the gatekeeper! You will check attendee IDs against their tickets, check them off on our list, have particpants issue sign a waver, and issue a wristband. You can offer hugs, high fives, and fist pumps to all who consent and are excited to arrive Home. Yay, we are here!!

Gate Lead:
You are the gatekeeper. The Gate Lead works with the Ticketing Lead and Gate Volunteers to create and manage the process for checking tickets and IDs, distributing appropriate wristbands, and safely getting ticketed burners checked into the event. We now use an electronic ticketing system and Gate volunteers check attendees in via tablets.

Greeter Volunteers:
One of the best volunteer roles! You will greet participants, help virgins understand the ten Burner Principals plus the 11th pricipal of consent, and welcome attendees Home. You can offer hugs, high fives, and fist pumps to all who consent! You will help attendees get situated by providing useful information including how to find their camp. Welcome Home.

Greeter Lead:
Greeters welcome Burners Home! The Greeter Lead sets the vibe for the volunteers who set the vibe for the entering attendees. Greeters are responsible for welcoming participants to the event while answering questions, acculturating participants on the 10 Principles of Burning Man, building consent culture, and overall just being welcoming. The Greeter lead may use creative means to achieve these goals.

The Help Guide is the WHO?, WHAT?, WHERE? Please submit your events!

Help Guide Lead:
HELP Burners know where to go! The HELP guide is our all-in-one document for Happenings, Events, Logistics, and Principles. The HELP Guide Lead develops a system for event submission (or uses our existing one) and oversees the content, design, layout, and printing of the HELP Guide. The HELP Guide Lead works with the Placement and Art Leads to collect relevant information about camps, art, and the placement map to include in the guide.

Mash Volunteers
Due to POrtalBurn's growth and the nature of emergency services, the POrtalBurn BOD has opted to contract medical services with a licensed independent provider.
Parking Volunteer
One of the most critical roles. Without parking volunteers, we could not have the event! Please consider parking if you are looking for a place to help out!

Parking Lead
The Parking Lead manages all aspects of parking logistics, surveying the space available for parking spaces, and determining how many vehicles will fit and where they will go. They work with the Entrance Coordinator, the Placement Lead, DPW, and the Exodus Lead to ensure a smooth exit for vehicles. They lead parking volunteers in guiding attendees into the correct spaces. The ability to help people avoid cars from getting stuck in the mud is a bonus.

Pre-Event Ticketing Lead
All POrtalBurn attendees must have TICKETS! The Ticketing Lead works with the POrtalBurn Board of Directors to oversee the ticket sales process. They assist with the preparation and launch of ticket sales, assist attendees with ticket questions and needs, and ensure all leads and artists get the tickets they need. Strong computing skills and an eye for organization are a must.

(Pre-Event Ticketing Lead Guidelines Coming Soon )

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Ranger Volunteers
Who doesn't love a ranger? Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information, facilitators of public safety (with the expectation that everybody read the disclaimer at the gate, of course!), and navigators of the edge of chaos.

You can ranger if you've attended a previous Ranger training. Ranger Training will be held on Thursday at 6pm & 11am Friday.

Ranger Lead
Ranger Lead prepare and present two training sessions on radio use and Rangering, and oversee Ranger needs and activities during the event. Rangers use specific techniques to offer help only when needed, and the Ranger Lead helps the volunteers execute this! Previous Ranger experience is required. Looking sexy in khaki is desired, but not crucial.

The Sound Lead is responsible for upholding POrtalBurn's sound policy. The Sound Lead is the point person to address any sound issues that may arise, bringing their attention to the Board of Directors if necessary. The Sounds Lead collaborates with the Theme Camp/Placement Lead on the placement of sound camps. We are lucky to have a very relaxed sound policy, but that comes with responsibility!

Theme Camp registration can be found on the CAMPS page
Placement Lead
Placement Leads are responsible for developing and overseeing the application process for theme camps, art, onsite parking, and RV placement, and will determine where everything will be placed. This Lead works with the Sound Lead to place sound camps appropriately, works with the Parking Lead to assess the needs for cars, camps, onsite parking, and RVs, consults with the Fire Lead to ensure any camps with fire adhere to safety standards, and coordinates with the Art Lead to ensure all art requiring placement has the space it needs for all to enjoy. Placement also creates a map so attendees may find themselves, and everyone else. All placement info is shared with the HELP Guide Coordinator for inclusion in the HELP guide.

TIT = The Information Tent. Do a volunteer shift at the TIT and share all the INFO!

What events are happening? Where is lost and found? How do I sign up to volunteer? Gifts!!

The Volunteer Leads are responsible for preparing and overseeing the online signup for volunteers. They work with all other leads in advance of ticket sales using online communication tools to assess the volunteer needs for each department, and create a sign up schedule that matches those needs. Through community promotion and communication, they ensure volunteer slots get filled before the event, and they keep the community informed of volunteer needs throughout the event. Additionally, Volunteer Leads oversee The Information Tent (TIT) to ensure set up, smooth transitions between shifts, and that TIT volunteers have the information they require to assist participants.

The Offsite Volunteer Lead will be responsible for administering online signup for volunteers (the existing system is Sign-up Genius) from the time tickets go on sale to the event date. They will work with all other leads in advance of ticket sales using online communication tools. Through the use of creative forms of communication, they will ensure slots get filled before the event and keep the community informed of volunteer needs. The Volunteer Lead will also work with the BOD liaison to determine budgeting and other on-site volunteer needs. Off-Site Volunteer Lead will be responsible for administering an online signup for volunteers from the time tickets go on sale to the event date. They will work with all other leads in advance of ticket sales using online communication tools. They will ensure slots get filled before the event and keep the community informed of volunteer needs. The Volunteer Lead will also work with the BOD liaison to determine budgeting and other on-site volunteer needs.

The On-Site Volunteer Lead will oversee The Information Tent (TIT) to ensure set up, smooth transitions between shifts, and communication with other departments. They are responsible for opening and closing the TIT each day of the event.